Event of the Week: Surprise Party Raises Funds for New Leg


Teen Throws Surprise Party, Supports Sister, Kindles Hopes for New Leg

Chloe Cork and her sisters are closer than most siblings. Being triplets, it’s hard not to be. But when one of Chloe’s sisters was diagnosed with cancer in her leg, eventually leading to its amputation, the girls became inseparable. Seeing her sister’s strength inspired the 16-year-old to get moving. Chloe began to plan a surprise party, all for her sister. The party and fundraiser were planned in the hopes that they could one day afford a new leg for the young survivor.

Chloe’s sister is hoping to receive something called a “bionic leg.” This would be made possible through a process called “Targeted Muscle Reinnervation (TMR) technique, which allows amputees to have more natural control of prosthetic devices.” The technique works by allowing the prosthetic leg to respond to the muscles around it and move with the wearer’s brain waves controlling it. The process is still very experimental, but not completely absurd. Bionic arms and hands have been used for years, and scientists are now exploring the lower limb techniques.

In November 2012, a man in Chicago, USA, wore the experimental device and climbed the Willis Tower in Chicago. The climb was very successful,
giving many amputees a ray of hope. Chloe explained that the whole process would cost her family, £50,000. Many of Chloe’s sisters, friends, family, and community supporters, came to help the 16-year-old girl. Chloe said that the party was able to raise £500, a great start for a first time event planner. The money came from raffle sales and the tickets that guests bought. Many other community members have held similar events, including pampering nights and other fundraisers to help the family.

Chloe said of the whole experience, “It was a personal event and I created it all by myself. I helped promote this event by making a Facebook page, I had to block my sister and make the event private so she knew nothing about it. My goal was to raise as much money as possible to go towards the leg we are saving up for and I was impressed of raising £500 as it was the first fundraiser I had ever done and as I only just turned 16 no one thought I would be able to cope. The best part of the event was seeing my sister’s face when she walked in because she wasn’t expecting it and everyone was enjoying themselves, my sister also got to see a lot of her friends from primary school which she hadn’t seen for about 4 years so it was a nice get together. It was hard planning my event as I had never done anything like it before and I didn’t know if people were going to turn up or what was going to happen but as soon as people started to arrive I relaxed and started enjoying it.”

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