5 Terrific + Unique School Fundraising Ideas


Though fundraising for your child’s school is fun and rewarding, it can be a bit of a stressor. Nevermind putting on the actual fundraiser—coming up with great ideas that can bring in what’s needed is the first hurdle. Of course, there are annual holiday fairs and school discos, but what else can be done that’s interesting and will generate much-needed funds?

Our school fundraiser customers are a creative lot and have hosted all sorts of effective events. So, we’ve put together a list of their top five fundraiser hits (apart from raffles and auctions, of course!):

1. Wrangle Recipes

Everyone’s enticed by a book of well-loved recipes! Ask all the children in the grade what their favourite recipe is and put them together in a book. Attribute each recipe to a child and include a bit from them saying why they adore it so much or what makes it so special to his or her family. You can even include a picture alongside, perhaps an illustration of the delicacy created by the kid in particular. Once produced, you can sell the book to friends and family.

2. Get Your Fash On

Local shops or department stores are often willing to collaborate on a fashion show. They provide the clothes and the space, you supply the models in the form of PTA members, teachers, and kids from school. The first half of the event is the catwalk. The second? A private shop after the show with a 10% discount for all purchases! The store makes money on the sales made while you sell fashion show tickets, which also act as a pass to the exclusive, post-runway, discount-shopping event.

5 unique school fundraising ideas

3. Enchanted Evening

A magic show is something the whole family—and community—will find fun. Ask a local magician to put on a show (contact your local magic shop for referrals). They very likely will do it pro bono! Sell magic-themed tickets in advance and refreshments on site.

4. A Girls’ Night In…Only Out

Put together an evening of relaxation and beauty by gathering manicurists, masseuses, makeup artists, braiding stylists, eyebrow shapers, reiki practitioners, and the like from your pool of parents (whose profession may be in one of those industries) or local professionals. Some will do it for free (it’s a great way for them to get new business) or for a nominal fee. Organise some baked goods or nice chocolates, cheese, fruit, and wine (check if you need a license!). Sell your pamper evening tickets in advance for anywhere from £10 to £20, and give everyone a lovely evening!

5. Summer Yum

Everyone loves ice cream on a hot day. Go to the market, buy lots of delicious cold treats (don’t forget the ice lollies!), then sell them in front of the school on a Friday. It’s a bit cheeky, but it’s a great way to raise funds for your school without much outlay.

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