How to Organise a Charity Concert


Rocking out and raising funds go together like tea and cakes. Everyone loves a good show, and the positive vibes are increased when enjoying oneself also happens to benefit a great cause.  Though crowded venues are not a thing at the moment, there are options! You can host your charity concert outside and offer a livestream so that anyone can attend wherever they are. 

So, if you’d like to forgo the annual dinner and silent auction for something different or have envisioned a charity concert all along, read on. We’ve got some essential tips to help you organise a successful charity concert.

Get Your Charity Concert Started on the Right Note 

Resist the fun stuff…at first

Resist the temptation of diving straightaway into the glamorous bits like contacting bands. What you really need first is help! Putting together a charity concert alone isn’t realistic, and you’ll find the whole process is smoother with many hands. The group of people you assemble must be those you can count on and who are keen to help.  This keeps the planning and execution from becoming muddled and ensures everyone involved is committed.

Venue first

Even though you are dying to organise performers, it is better to knock out the venue first.  The artists performing will want to know where and when they’re playing your charity concert. That’s information you can’t deliver with confidence if you haven’t locked in a venue.

When looking at venues, think realistically about how large your event will be. Of course, we’d all love to sell out an arena, but only a few big-name performers can pull that off. Consider instead smaller event halls, local parks (outdoors is certainly more COVID-conscious), pubs, or clubs. Not only will you have a greater chance of filling the space, but something less enormous may be better suited to the vibe and crowd.

Now for the fun part!

Local artists are the way to go. Not only are these performers easier to get in touch with than Doja Cat, Billie Eilish, or Glass Animals, they usually have a loyal following with whom they’ll share concert details via social media and their websites. That’s a huge help as far as marketing goes!

Instead of a straight concert, many Eventgroove customers go for a battle of the bands format, and it’s a great strategy. A variety of performers means your charity concert will appeal to a larger group of ticket buyers, not to mention adding a little competition ups the energy and crowd engagement. To find emerging talent, contact school, and university music departments. You can also pop in to record shops, look at who has played at area clubs, and search around on social media. Reddit can be a great resource—you can posit a question about likely local bands in your region’s sub-Reddit. 

Figure out ticket price

Break out Google Sheets and list all your expenses—venue, talent, equipment, refreshments, marketing, setup and breakdown, security, and custom t-shirt printing. Don’t forget to include a little cushion—everything always costs more than you imagine it will, and the unforeseen has a way of being spendy. Finally, include how much you’d like to raise for your cause. Come up with a total, then divide by the number of people you hope will come. That amount will give you an idea of the ticket cost. Remember, at the very least, your concert ticket price should cover overhead. Here’s a handy event ticket price calculator to help.

Other ways to raise money at your charity concert

Souvenirs and concessions are a great way to raise money, as is organising sponsorships. You can offer sponsors everything from a shoutout during the show or an on-site ad with their logo on the back of printed tickets or displayed on your charity concert’s fundraising page. Finally, encourage people to support your cause via text-to-give during the show.  

Charity show marketing tips

Despite a cool lineup, selling charity concert tickets isn’t as simple as talking it up on social media (although Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Reddit are powerful marketing tools). You’ve got to use every avenue available to get the word out and continue to do so right through the date of your show. Tell everyone you meet or know about your cause and the concert you’re putting on in its support. Reach out to local media outlets and chambers of commerce. Ask everyone on your team and everyone you have ever known to share the news through their social networks.  Print posters and flyers, hang them everywhere, and ask businesses and schools in town if you can display them in store and on campus.

Set up an online donation site—not everyone will be able to attend your show, but they might want to support your cause! Be sure to include your donations page in all your promotional efforts and mention the web address throughout the actual concert and in all social media posts.

 Want to see online crowdfunding in action? Check out this sample fundraising page

Even better, let us show you.

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