An Uncommon Holiday: Celebrating Commonwealth Day


How the UK Will Celebrate Commonwealth Day in 2013

In 1958, what was once known as “Empire Day” to the countries of the Commonwealth was appropriately dubbed “Commonwealth Day.” This was done with consideration to the relationship that had developed between the nations of the former empire. Since then, this celebration has brought together 54 countries from the Commonwealth of Nations on the 2nd Monday in March every year.

The yearly celebration is an opportunity for these diverse nations to globally observe and rejoice in the common bond they all share as individual parts that make up the whole, i.e., today’s Commonwealth. This glorious day is celebrated in the UK with some very specific and distinctive events.

Arguably the biggest event that will take place during the Commonwealth Day Observance is London’s Westminster Abbey service.

This is the UK’s most extensive multi-faith celebration, and it is attended by none other than Queen Elizabeth II, the Prime Minister and High Commissioners, just to name a few.

The 2013 Commonwealth Theme

Every year, a different theme is picked for Commonwealth Day. This year’s inspirational theme is “Opportunity through Enterprise, Unlocking Potential with Innovation and Excellence.” The Royal Commonwealth Society, a registered charity in England who coordinates the Westminster Abbey Service, encourages schools and youth groups to participate in this positive annual celebration.  

By mixing various forms of music from around the world, in addition to a variety of different kinds of dance and unique personal testimonies, the celebration of Commonwealth Day will applaud economic innovation within the Commonwealth.

The shared determination towards helping youth and encouraging social and sustainable ventures will be honoured strongly as well.

What Can You Do To Celebrate?

Last year in 2012, Lord Howell, Minister of the Commonwealth, said at the multi-faith Westminster Abbey service, “The Commonwealth and its networks are a force for good, based on strong values, which can help deliver prosperity and enrich the livelihoods of all.”

If you’re not attending this unique service, what can you do individually to celebrate Commonwealth Day?

The Royal Commonwealth Society provides a list of different ways to get involved and join the celebration, no matter where you’re from. They also provide a handy calendar of events that you can look into as well.

Find an event to suit of your fancy, or if you can’t find a way to celebrate that fits your mood, try hosting your own Commonwealth Day celebration.

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