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How to Design a Raffle Ticket that Will Increase Profits and Maximise Results

Raffles have become one of the easiest, most popular, and profitable ways to raise money for a charitable cause. Come up with some great prizes and design raffle tickets that fits the programme perfectly, and before you know it, you’ll have a successful prize draw on your hands.

If you’re hosting a prize draw to raise donations for charity, chances are many people will see your tickets. In fact, your raffle tickets may be at the centre of your raffle scene, depending on how you decide to market and sell them.

This calls for the best in raffle ticket design, to ensure everyone who looks upon your tickets does so favorably. If your design is very good, your tickets may really sell themselves.

Top Features for Event Planners

Prizes are one of the most important items to include on any printed raffle ticket. People love taking a chance to win a prize. Highlighting the prizes you’ve got up for grabs on the actual ticket is a great way to encourage ticket sales.

Of course, you’ll want to promote your organisation AND the charity you’re raising donations for. If you’re part of a charitable organisation and raising funds for your own company, then you only need to include the company name and logo, which will save you valuable space on each ticket.

It’s also a good idea to print event details and (perhaps everyone’s least favorite part) ticket pricing clearly on your raffle tickets.

Here’s an example raffle ticket from a recent prize draw to consider when designing your raffle tickets.

The Bottom Line

Compared to our example raffle ticket above, adding detachable stubs to each raffle ticket can help you avoid having to write, print or come up with a receipt for every ticket buyer. Simply have the buyer write his or her information on the stub, detach, and voila!

This will save you time, work AND money.

Security numbering is a smart addition to any raffle ticket design and will automatically increase the value of your tickets. Instead of spending money and hiring someone to count tickets, you can keep track of everything on your own because every ticket will have a unique number.

The bottom line for any charity raffle is maximising profits and minimising risk. And it doesn’t take much. You only need to organise the raffle with care and think ahead when designing your raffle tickets.

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