How to Design a Raffle Poster For Your Charity Benefit


When you’re organising an in-person, hybrid, or online raffle, you might think that social media is the best way to boost raffle ticket sales. While posting on your favourite social media platform is effective, there’s another method to grab attention: raffle posters. 

Custom flyers are highly effective for promotion, especially when you include a QR code that directs people to your raffle website. How can you create an effective raffle poster? Below, we’ll explain how!

How to Make Raffle Posters

There are a few ways to go about creating a poster promoting your charity raffle. Choose the one best suited to your design ability and time!

Option 1: DIY Charity Poster

This choice is best for those who have design experience as you’ll be creating the layout and artwork from scratch. To do so, you may use software such as Adobe Photoshop as well as online design programs, including our own free Design Your Own poster tool.

Option 2: Fundraiser Flyer Designs

If you’re going for straight forward and efficient, a template design is the way to go. There are tons of options out there, among them customisable fundraiser flyer templates. When you use a pre-designed layout, you’re working with professionally designed artwork. All the design elements are there—so, to create an eye catching flyers, all you must do is personalise it to your needs!

Option 3: Engage a Graphic Designer

When you work with a professional, there’s minimal work on your part!

The caveat is that the end result tends to cost a bit more. After all, you have to pay someone for their time to create your poster in addition to any printing fees. With printing services like Eventgroove, you’ll generally have the option to work with a design professional. In our case, fees are affordable and we offer a customer satisfaction guarantee on all print orders. 

Once you have a creative design you’re happy with, you’ll need to have it printed! If you print flyers using our templates or engage our design team to create new artwork custom printing services are part of the process.

In the event you’ve created a poster design elsewhere, you’ll need to have design files and an online flyer printing business.

a layout explaining the optimal flyer design for raffle posters and leaflets.

6 Raffle Poster Design Tips

Include Important Information.

As you compose the text promoting your raffle, think of who, what, where, when, and how.

  • Who is the fundraiser benefitting and hosted by?
  • What is the prize and how much are raffle tickets?
  • When is the deadline to buy tickets and when is the draw?
  • How can people purchase tickets and learn more about your fundraiser? 

Call To Action.

What do you want anyone who sees your posters to do? Buy raffle tickets, of course! Include something like “Buy Tickets Now!” above a QR code that takes them to your raffle site or language encouraging them to visit your site to learn more about the benefit. 

Connect IRL with Online.

Include social media handles, the hashtag associated with your charity event, and your web address. 

Showcase Your Prize! 

The charity your fundraiser benefits is important—that is a big part of what will inspire people to participate in your raffle.

The other big motivator? The raffle prize! If you are raffling off multiple prizes, showcase the grandest one with a prize image and mention that participants can also win others—all of which can be found on your site. 

Check and Double-Check.

Even pros make mistakes. Ask any writer and they’ll tell you they couldn’t do it without their editor. When you’re asking people to donate or buy raffle tickets, the last thing you need is a massive typo to leave a bad impression. To that end, make sure you have at least two other people look over your raffle poster’s proof to make sure it’s mistake-free.

Include a QR Code.

Since many of our customers have had incredible success when they include a QR code on their raffle flyers and posters, we’d say this is a fundraising must.

If you’ve never created one before, it’s very easy. Our team can add a QR code to any design—all you have to do is assign a web address to which you’d like the QR code to direct people. Ideally, the QR code will send people to your raffle website where they can buy tickets.

Ready to Get Started?

Customise any of our poster and flyer templates, use our leaflet maker design tool, or engage our UK printing services to produce your existing design. No matter what you’d like printed, we’d love to help! 

Count on Eventgroove for excellent customer service, fast turnaround, and affordable printing services. We also offer a free, easy-to-use fundraising raffle platform. 

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