The Moonlight Drive-In Cinema Takes Fans Back to the Future


Movie lovers were able to take in a retro screening of Back to The Future 16th August. The screening was thanks to Moonlight Drive-In Cinema.UK-TicketRiver-Moonlight-Drive-in-Cinema

The Moonlight Drive-In Cinema is the largest drive-in cinema in the UK. “The event was held at Monks Cross Shopping Park in York,” wrote Benjamin Stonehouse, managing director of the cinema. “We were at the Venue for three weeks showing a range of classic films. Everything from Grease, Dirty Dancing, Jaws and of course Back to The Future.”

Most everyone loves movies, and, as evidenced by the myriad of sites and accounts devoted to popular movies and characters, one of the places folks love discussing movies is the internet. It was only natural that Stonehouse and Moonlight Drive-In Cinema would turn to social media to promote the screening. “Social media is obviously a huge part of our marketing strategy, we spend most of our working day in the office using it to promote the events and the business,” he said.


With such a cult classic like Back to the Future, the venue was able to cater to a packed audience ready to relive the adventures of Marty McFly. “The event was a brilliant night, everyone had a great time, lots of people in Back to The Future t-shirts and really getting in the spirit of the event,” said Stonehouse. The fans of the Drive-In were committed to their love of Back to The Future, making for an even more exciting and fan-driven event. “We had one guy turn up in a DeLorean,” wrote Stonehouse. “Unfortunately there wasn’t a flux capacitor inside.”

While a DeLorean isn’t always on tap, a full audience is certainly the norm for the Moonlight Drive-In Cinema; many of their events are sold out, such as the upcoming Suicide Squad showings. According to the Drive-In’s Facebook page, the first showing has already sold out.

Are you getting your own drive-in experience off the ground and need some advice? Stonehouse states that he’s available to answer questions. “Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for advice,” he said. “Always happy to help where I can with anything outdoor cinema related.” One thing Stonehouse did state, though, was to make sure your marketing strategy works. “Good marketing is key,” he wrote.

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