How to Put on a Successful Charity Raffle


Whether you’re moved by a cause or part of your local PTA, running a charity raffle is likely in your future. It’s one of the more effective means of raising funds, either as a standalone effort or ancillary to a benefit event.  That said, if you’ve never put one on, the prospect can be daunting! How do you find raffle prizes? What are the laws about holding a raffle? How do you sell tickets? Where do you get raffle tickets and what should be on them? So many questions!

Find the answers to those questions and more by reading through the below steps.

Raffle Laws

The last thing you need is for your raffle to run afoul of law! Different laws apply depending on what sort of raffle you’ll be holding, so it’s a good idea to review the Gambling Commission site to get an idea of into which category your charity raffle falls. You can also visit your local licensing authority to chat about specifics in person!

  1. Small Society Raffles are common amongst our customers. These are charity raffles for which you pre-sell tickets and proceeds do not exceed £20,000. This sort of raffle requires registration with your local authority. Don’t fret—the registration fee is about £40.


You’ll need time to procure prizes, order raffle tickets, sell tickets, and then hold the drawing. In order to make your raffle successful, a few things need sorting. No matter what, remember that the more time you have to sell raffle tickets, the better the odds are of reaching your goal.

  1. When is the drawing? Back your preparation, sales and marketing timeline out from that point with plenty of padding. Things always take longer than we imagine.
  2. Remember that, should you need one, procuring a license is not the speediest process ever. Give yourself plenty of time to register, then wait for the proper documentation to arrive.

Raffle Prizes

Certainly, you can hold a 50/50 cash raffle in which the prize is built-in, but neat, non-cash prizes are also great for stirring up interest. Also, a cash raffle is a bit more regulated—be sure to consult with the gambling authority. In addition to the following, read up on our tips to secure great donated raffle prizes here.

  1. How many prizes do you need? One grand prize? Will there be second- and third-place prizes?
  2. Consider your target audience. What prizes would most entice them?
  3. The mind leaps to flashy items such as electronics, but remember that experience prizes (a hot air balloon ride or spa day) do extremely well.
  4. Unique and special items, like artwork or a photograph from a local artist, celebrity-signed items, or a tour behind the scenes at a TV set or theatre, are likely to draw robust raffle ticket sales.

Order Raffle Tickets

Tickets customised to your charity raffle can be had for a very affordable price. With their finished appearance and the details of your unique charity raffle clearly communicated, professional-looking tickets aid in selling. Information and features to include on your raffle ticket are:

  1. Ticket price (use this raffle ticket calculator to assess what should be charged)
  2. Your organization’s name and that of who or what the raffle benefits
  3. Prizes
  4. Date and location of the drawing
  5. Unique numbering on the body and stub of the raffle ticket
  6. Space on the stub for the buyer to provide their contact information

Sell Raffle Tickets

Even with great raffle prizes and tickets, don’t expect buyers to come to you! Instead, employ all resources available to market your raffle:

  1. Divide and conquer by disseminating tickets amongst the people in your organization (or get friends and family involved). The more people responsible for selling raffle tickets, the more that will get sold!
  2. Create buzz through posters, flyers, social media, email blasts—you name it! The more people know about your raffle, the better.
  3. Sell raffle tickets online through a virtual raffle and promote through your social media networks.
  4. Get terrific advice from our customers on what helps them sell tickets in our article How to Maximise Ticket Sales.

Hold a Drawing

If the drawing is being held at a fundraising event, make an announcement to get everyone’s attention. Stir up the drama as announcers of award shows do. Pull the winning ticket out slowly. Pause. Then read the name aloud! Another way to add some excitement is to share the moment via Instagram Live or through a livestream drawing!

  1. Announce how much has been raised for your cause at the drawing—it will make everyone feel good that they’ve contributed.
  2. Be sure to thoroughly mix the tickets and consider blindfolding the person doing the drawing.
  3. Use raffle tickets with unique numbering so that there is a corresponding stub for every entry ticket. That way if the participant’s contact information is illegible, you can still announce the winning number.
  4. Don’t forget to thank everyone who helped make the raffle possible along with everyone who participated!

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