Top 3 Tips to Boost Fundraising in Today’s Market


How to Boost Your Fundraising Efforts in a Technology Driven Market

With the ever-changing technology craze in full swing, have you stopped to think about how to boost your fundraising efforts lately?

People seem to have more on their prospective plates than ever, but with the nonstop flow of information exchange and global communication, thanks to our old friend the internet, you can reach out to more people today than you could even in your wildest dreams.

In the last few years alone, iPhones, Androids and other smartphones have revolutionized the global marketplace. What does that mean for fundraising? Well, it translates into several important ideas.

1. Brand Your Image: It doesn’t matter if you’re part a small non-profit organisation or an international charity, to get noticed in today’s day and age you’ve got to brand an image for your company that sticks out in people’s minds (or at least until they’re near the chequebook!)

That might mean taking a donor-centric point of view and designing marketing media that caters to the interest of your generous supporters. Or, it might mean showcasing directly how the funds you raise will be used.

2. Increase Public Awareness: When you brand your image, the goal should be to increase public awareness. No image can shine if no eyes fall upon it.

With that in mind, a hefty part of branding your image and increasing awareness about your organisation is to have, or create, a stellar, user-friendly website.

3.     Make Donating Easy: Now, here’s the most important part – make donating to your charitable organisation a walk in the park. It may seem like a no-brainer, but in case you hadn’t thought of it, we thought we’d remind you. People are more likely to donate when you make it easy for them.

Enter your stellar new website. You may not want to make donating the number one theme your site’s landing page, but you certainly do want to dedicate a section of your site and design it to let people donate online, easily and with little more than a few clicks.

And you’ll want to make that section VERY easy to navigate to.

Once you’ve got your fabulous website up and running along with your branded image, consider creating a raffle ticket that goes with the theme.

You can give potential donors the choice of simply donating to your cause without flair, or sell raffle tickets with your branded image, which is likely increase your public awareness even MORE.



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