Steady as She Goes: London’s Incredible ‘Steadman at 77’ Exhibition


The 2013 Cartoon Exhibition ‘Steadman at 77’ Hits London

Ralph Steadman, the notorious British cartoonist most well-known for his collaboration with Hunter S. Thompson that resulted in illustrations for Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas among many others, will celebrate his 77th birthday on 15 May, 2013. In honor of the incredible work he’s created throughout his career, the London Cartoon Museum will feature an exhibition of his drawings from now until the 21st of July.

In addition to Fear and Loathing… Steadman is also known for illustrating editions of classic literary works, like Alice in Wonderland, Treasure Island, and George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

Select drawings from some of these editions will be on display at the unique retrospective exhibition, as well as some political cartoons created by the celebrated cartoonist.

The Major Highlights 

Featuring more than 100 original works of art from Steadman, the ‘Steadman at 77’ exhibition will cover much of his on-going career, starting with his first Punch cartoon in 1956, and including illustrations from Private Eye, New Statesman, and The Observer, just to name a few.

Steadman’s most recent book, Extinct Boids, which shows beautifully detailed real and imaginary birds drawn in intriguing ways, will also have featured illustrations on display at the museum.

London’s Cartoon Museum is the perfect place for this major retrospective.

By coupling art with humour, the museum gives illustrators and cartoonists a chance to display their works of art among the rest of the city’s artful gallery scene.

Steadman’s Notoriety

Born in 1936 and known to be one of the most relevant and gifted illustrators of our time, Steadman is credited with helping Hunter S. Thompson create his notorious “Gonzo” journalism.

Recently, Steadman starred in For No Good Reason, a biographical documentary about his life that premiered at the 2012 London Film Festival. In the past, he has worked with many notable writers, such as Ted Hughes, Adrian Mitchell and Brian Patten.

In Britain, Steadman is renowned for his catalogue illustrations for Oddbins. Select wine drawings will be on display at the retrospective exhibition.

Whether you’re a long time fan of Steadman’s work, or you’re just getting into his unique portfolio of drawings, ‘Steadman at 77’ is something that everyone with a fond sense for art can appreciate.

If you’re feeling creative yourself, you can make your own event out of it. Gather a group together, print up some tickets, and get the ball rolling on a fun artistic outing.


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