Smarter Than TicketMaster?


Save Your Customers Money: Printing Tickets for Events

When it comes to printing tickets for events, are your customers spending too much? We certainly hope not!

While it may seem easier to enlist an organisation like Ticketmaster to manage the ticket printing for your events, the reality of it is, it may actually cost your customers MORE to print their tickets with Ticketmaster than it would if you did them justice and printed the tickets yourself.

How is this possible? It’s simple math, really.

According to a recent article in the news, Ticketmaster may charge up to £2.50 or more (in addition to the price of the ticket) for any customer who wants to print out their own tickets at the time of their purchase.

How Will You Help Your Customers?

The worst part about Ticketmaster ticket printing fees is that it only costs a bit more to have your tickets delivered via the post. This, on top of service fees that are also factored in, can really put a blister on a sore spot when your customers are expected to ante up.

If you want to sell more tickets to your event, you’ve got to mind the ticket prices for your customers’ sake and your own. How many events would a customer be likely to attend if they are spending too much on ticket printing fees?

To keep your loyal customer base coming back, and to appeal to new demographic of customers as well, it’s a great idea to print your own event tickets and save your customers money.

Taking Control of Ticket Prices

Don’t let companies that charge extra fees for printing event tickets in a timely fashion get the best of you or your customers. Take control of your ticket prices by printing your own tickets. It’s easy, fast, and can even be fun when it comes to designing the right ticket for your event.

When you take control of your ticket prices by printing your own event tickets, you can show the customers exactly what they’re paying for.

No more surly “service fees” or confusing “printing fees” means that any fee you DO charge your customers when they buy a ticket should be easy to explain, and thus, make them feel more at ease when purchasing tickets.

Keep your valuable customers in mind the next time you’re organising an event, and help save them from the hassle of having to pay a fee when printing tickets for your event.



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