Event of the Week: University of Sheffield Biomedical Science Charity Ball


Mind Meets Body: University Science Students Raise Money for Children’s Camp

At the University of Sheffield, the Biomedical Science Society works to keep participating students well rounded, fostering not only the academic aspect of the club but also through social, charitable and volunteer events. On 5 May, the club hosted their annual Charity Ball.

Student Joseph Burton explained that the ball was held to raise money for Over the Wall charity, “a children’s charity that provides activity camps for young children with life-limiting illnesses and their siblings,” Burton explained. The £200 the club raised was the icing on the cake of a fantastic spent night spent to help the children.

Burton explained that the club went all out in their efforts to promote the ball in order to raise as much money as possible. “Our publicising strategy was to be everywhere and impossible to miss,” Burton said. They hung posters near lecture halls, promoted the event through speaking in different classes and used social media to heavily promote the event.

Burton said that the strategy that seemed to work best was “to mention the event early on in the year with people who were buying tickets for other events to get people thinking about going before it was even planned.” He also added that they “increased our publicity on social media to really stress the great deals we had acquired and the reasons why people should attend as people generally see the price and look away in angst without really seeing the bigger picture. “

In addition to knowing that they were raising money for a good cause, Burton said that the best part of the night was the band, which played throughout the night. “The evening went fantastically and everyone seemed to have a good time, talking to new people and boogying on the dance floor until the early hours of the morning. We hired the University of Sheffield’s Music Players Society’s Big Band with the expectation of a 4-5 people playing some quiet and acceptably good music, what we got was a full-scale jazz band with great talent in their musicians,” Burton said.

Although the night was a great success, Burton warned that it can be a pain to get there. His advice for other students planning an event like this is communication. “There are a lot of important rules and regulations that come with using the student finance service that the companies don’t realise and therefore they often give you impossible tasks or deadlines,” he said. Burton added, “The best thing to do would be to speak to the people in charge of Finance at the University AND at the venue, and try and create communication between the two teams so they understand each other better. The venue is generally much more flexible when they understand the situation.” Burton also said to never forget corkage fees, “they’re a pain!”

The tickets Burton ordered from Eventgroove definitely added to the event he said. “The tickets themselves were excellent, sturdy and very well designed. They were far more professional looking than any of the other departmental Ball tickets I saw which made me very happy indeed! The fact that we were giving out tickets was a really nice touch they could have as a bit of memorabilia for the night.”

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