International Mother Earth Day: Loving the World We Live In


How Earth Day is Celebrated in the UK

Every year on 22 April, the world recognises that Earth’s global ecosystem and all its individual parts provide people, animals, insects and everything else that exists here with the ability to sustain life. International Mother Earth Day (or simply, Earth Day) strives to promote awareness that humans, as conscious, sentient beings, have a common responsibility to advocate for harmony with nature, and bring balance to the social, environmental and economic needs of current and future generations.

Earth Day is no small deal. Even major world government organizations like the United Nations observe and promote International Mother Earth Day.

“Mother Earth” is a familiar expression for many countries around the world, and it signifies the very relationship between living creatures and the planet that Earth Day seeks to bring attention to.

How to Help Mother Earth in 2013

The first Earth Day was celebrated in America on 22 April, 1970, and people from all walks of life came together to start this contemporary environmental awareness movement. Since then, landmark legislature such as the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and the Endangered Species Act, as well as others have been successfully adopted in the US.

From that initial Earth Day observance grew the Earth Day Network, which is comprised of 192 countries and over 22,000 partners across the globe. Over a billion people participate in Earth Day the world over, which makes it the biggest civic celebration in the world.

When it comes to celebrating Earth Day in the UK, there is definitely no shortage of ways to participate.

From planting a tree to joining the UK Youth Climate Coalition, you can get out there and help inspire and mobilise people all over Britain.

How UK Teachers Can Help Motivate Students

International Mother Earth Day is a fabulous opportunity for teachers to promote Earth-conscious behaviors and present positive ways of thinking about our planet to their students. There are many ways to reflect on how Earth nurtures us as living creatures, and countless ways to discuss how we can care for it in return.

Teachers can look online to find free materials and ideas, or they can come up with their own type of Earth Day event.

You need not be a teacher to help motivate others for Earth Day. Anyone with a conscious mind and a caring heart can plan their own International Mother Earth Day event. So what are you waiting for?

Start planning your UK Earth Day event today!

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