Hampshire West Meon & Warnford Sports Club Olympics Opening Ceremony Party


Sports Club Hosts Olympics Opening Ceremony Party

The Hampshire West Meon & Warnford Sports Club used the world’s largest gathering of athletes as an opportunity to raise money for their club. Jo Copsey, a member of the sports club, said that the Olympic party was organised by the members as a way of celebrating the opening ceremonies and raising money for the renovation of their pavilion.

Bringing Sports Fans Together for Fundraiser

Copsey also said the party was a way of bringing the local community together for the Olympics and to profile the club. Copsey said it was a “good night and a chance to celebrate the games.” To get the community involved in the party, Copsey used word of mouth through the club members, as well as posters put up in local businesses and schools. The club also spread word through Facebook, the village magazine, and the town’s local events website.

At the party, the club members celebrated the winning team of a children’s competition they had hosted, and the moment was memorable for Copsey because they “Handed over the ‘Olympic flame’”.  In order to make the night run as smoothly as possible, Copsey advises planners to “have a good team of volunteers behind you, so you can look at the whole process and advice rather than running round like a headless chicken trying to put final touches in place!”

The sports club and Copsey were able to pull together a night of fun for the community as a way to support their local sportsmen as well the national athletes competing in London.

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