Fundraising for National Heart Month


February is famous for people’s celebration of love during Valentine’s Day. While homes and businesses will be strewn with pink and red hearts to mark the occasion, let’s not forget that the month is also used to raise awareness of cardiovascular disease. National Heart Month also comes around every February, and the British Heart Foundation estimates that 7 million people in the UK live with heart disease.


If you want to take the opportunity to help, check out our list of fundraising ideas, and see what you can do to raise money for the fight against heart disease.

  1. Stride for success: Walk-a-thons don’t have to be boring. Once you’ve chosen your course, you can set up small obstacles for your walkers or make it more fun by having them walk three-legged or as they balance books on their heads or full tea cups in their hands. Don’t be afraid to get creative!
  2. Use your skills: Have a hobby day where people pay in to join a community of knitters, painters, jewelry makers or anything else you can think of. You can raise even more money at the end of the day by selling all the completed items.
  3. Give easily: Set up a donation jar at your office, school or community center (or all three) and ask for spare change. If you leave it in place for the whole month, the money can add up rather quickly!
  4. Play for more than fun: Pub quiz nights are all the rage, but those aren’t the only games that can bring in funds. Bridge, bingo and poker are all good ideas, as are more active games such as darts, table tennis and bowls. You can also get friends and family together for larger team sports like cricket, football and rugby to raise money.
  5. Tickets, please: There are a wide variety of events you can hold and sell tickets for to get your donation funds. Auctions and raffles are classics, but you can also gather friends for a talent show, have a community potluck dinner or throw a themed party.
  6. Hearts and flowers: Since Valentine’s Day is such an important part of the month, feel free to use it to your fundraising advantage. Host a speed dating event at a local pub or put on a wine and chocolate tasting. The possibilities are endless!

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