Finding the Perfect Way to Spend Father’s Day


Celebrating Father’s Day 2013 in the UK

Father’s Day is coming up on June 16th, and soon people everywhere will be scurrying round trying to figure out how to celebrate with Dad. As far as seasonal holidays go, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day seem to be more widely celebrated within the general population, and many retail stores have much bigger pushes for these holidays than they do for Father’s Day.

That’s why Father’s Day presents a unique opportunity for many of us to capitalise on doting paternal celebrations. Whether it’s giving a simple gift or hoping to host your own event, Father’s Day presents us with a chance to honor Dad in ways that we might not be able to with Mom.

How to Capitalise on Father’s Day Trends

It’s been said that we spend about twice as much money on Mother’s Day as we do on Father’s Day. One reason for this could be that retail stores mark up the prices on Mother’s Day items, and generally, Dad doesn’t get fresh flowers (which can be decidedly expensive to purchase) as a gift.

Bing Ads reported seeing an almost 75% increase in traffic for fathers and Father’s Day gift term searches last year between April and June. According to Bing, the most popular types of Father’s Day gift categories were special outings and events, electronics and apparel.

Bing also predicts that Father’s Day might be even bigger in 2013. That means now is the perfect time to plan an event with Dad in mind.

Whether you’re someone who wants to treat your Dad to a special day, or you own your own retail store, having a special event for Father’s Day is a great way to make the most out of this holiday.

How to Prepare for Father’s Day 2013

According to Bing, people begin researching Father’s Day gifts and events online about one month to three weeks before the actual holiday. That means, if you work in retail or event-planning, the end of May is your crunch time. Making sure your website is optimised for Father’s Day search terms is of the utmost importance.

Create some dedicated promotional copy for Father’s Day to grab people’s attention. Whether you print up flyers, posters, or send out postcards, make sure you let everyone know about your Father’s Day items and events.

Buyers should keep their eyes peeled for the best deals they can find, especially when it seems that Father’s Day is gaining some real steam in 2013.

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