Event of the Week: Ultimate Father’s Day


A Close Shave Treat for Dads in Leeds

It’s often said that mothers need any luxuries they can squeeze into their daily routines. Well, The Traditional Shaving Company in Leeds feels that hard-working fathers everywhere deserve the same.

They helped dynamic dads with their Ultimate Father’s Day on 15th June. Participants were treated to a 45 minute cut-throat shave, a single malt Scotch whisky tasting, food and £20 to spend on food and drink at The Pit Bar.

Fathers Day2

The family business sells “high quality traditional wet shaving products.” Everything comes with their recommendation and meets their “exacting quality expectations.” Brands include Edwin Jagger, Taylor of Old Bond Street and Truefitt & Hill, and the store also sells a variety of personal grooming products, cufflinks and accessories.

A wet shave can be accomplished with modern tools, but traditionalists swear by either safety or straight (also called cut-throat) razors. Straight razors must be kept extremely sharp, require serious tutelage and great care must be taken during the shave. In many countries this type of shaving remained common until the 1950s.

Proponents believe that after the initial investment in equipment, a man’s shaving practice will be more cost effective, producing a closer shave that feels like “meditation and preparation for the day” instead of a chore to be gotten over with quickly. Tools can easily become family heirlooms, look more impressive sink-side and save landfills from disposable razor and aerosol can waste.

Fathers DayCoordinator Matthew Briggs says they held the event to get fresh customers. “Our shop is quite new; building customer awareness is our main priority at the moment,” he notes, adding that current customers were the key to promotions. “We sent email newsletters and posted on Facebook and Twitter. We also printed flyers which we handed out in Leeds, and gave one to each customer who visited the shop.”

The highlight of the day for Briggs “is seeing people after they’ve had a real cut-throat shave. A lot of men wish they could have one, but don’t know where to go. When you have your first one, it’s a very nice treat.” He notes that organising third parties for the event was the hardest part of planning.

“We hired a barber for the day, had a drinks expert for the whisky, and food supplied by a local bar/restaurant. My advice would be to start promoting the event early and to really work hard on getting as much coverage as possible.”

What special events help bring more customers into your store?


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