Event of the Week: A Gig with a Pig


Friends Raise Money for Breast Cancer Research

Having a friend deal with a devastating illness such as breast cancer makes it nearly impossible to sit back and do nothing. The eight friends behind Tash’s Bashes are in the middle of a year-long fundraising storm; they’re planning monthly events in the hopes of giving £50,000 to researchers at Cancer Research UK.


Their next event, A Gig with a Pig, will take place on 12th July at Kenilworth Sports & Social Club in Warwickshire, and will feature a hog roast, raffle and performances from local bands, Outcry and Abberline. Member Esther Zaccarelli says having a dedicated team of organisers helps their events run smoothly.

“It’s my job to sort the food and tickets,” she notes, “and someone else has arranged the venue. Two others have used their contacts to get the music for free. It means that we can get more achieved in a short space of time, and considering each task was volunteered, we know the person doing it will be capable and willing. Saying that, we all keep in touch and make sure everyone is happy with any decisions.”

Natasha Fermor created the group after a period in 2012 that saw her lose her infant son at two days old, get a breast cancer diagnosis two weeks later and then receive a secondary diagnosis, meaning the disease had spread, two weeks after her son’s funeral. Friends began raising money in her name, but Fermor sought to “raise the stakes” by encouraging more people to donate.

Her theory that “you won’t mind giving money if you receive something in exchange,” led to a series of fundraising events, including a launch party, quiz night and ladies indulgence evening. All money goes to researchers looking “to find a means of shutting down the blood supply to breast cancer, starving it of nutrients and stopping the disease in its tracks.” They’ve raised over £13,000 so far.

They expect to have 120 to 140 people at the hog roast, and plan to promote through social media, word of mouth and a possible article in the local newspaper. Zaccarelli says they “have a good Facebook following and many local supporters,” and adds that you can never underestimate people’s willingness to help a good cause in any conceivable way.

“We also hope to do a cake auction again, after having found how profitable that can be,” she states. “When acquaintances and friends are not able to attend, they often feel bad and jump at the chance to bake a cake instead. The competitive nature of the bakers tends to produce fine products that fetch a high price at auction.”

Have you found ways to raise extra money for your cause after the initial event is over?


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