Event of the Week: An Evening of Clairvoyance


Medium Night Raises Money for Charity

Whatever your thoughts on the existence of extrasensory perception, you can’t knock an evening of clairvoyance when it raises money for charity. The Alverbank Hotel in Hampshire was host to just such an event when Reiki master Penny Dimmick had medium Greg Smith read for guests on 24th April.

Dimmick, who’s been practising Reiki since 1999 and plans frequent spiritually themed events, wanted the occasion to bring “a great audience to a clairvoyant evening” and believes readings “give evidence that our loved ones never leave us, even in death.” The night included a raffle, and proceeds from the affair were donated to Fight for Sight.

Fight for Sight began in 1965 and was founded by leading eye disease researcher Professor Norman Ashton. In 2005 the charity merged with the British Eye Research Foundation “to create the largest national charity dedicated to funding eye research in the UK.” Over the years they have supported “medical research into a wide-range of eye conditions” including macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy and several rare diseases.

In 2008, results from a study the group helped fund found that gene therapy treatments were able to improve sight for one in three patients. Their funding has also helped scientists find the gene that causes babies to be born with cataracts, led to the development of techniques which salvage vision in premature babies and investigated “the clinical usefulness of pupil measurements in the assessment of optic nerve function.” They also helped to fund the UK Corneal Transplant Service which has helped facilitate 52,000 transplants.

Greg Smith has felt a connection to the spirit world since he was young. His visions of spirits were soon joined by intense intuitions about people around him and premonitions in dreams. Smith’s mother, who performed tea readings, fostered his gifts, but as his desire to fit in with others of his age grew he began to push his spiritual gifts aside.

When Smith was well into his teen years he started listening to his intuition again, and when both of his parents died a few years later, his gifts became an even bigger part of his life. Smith says “my spiritual work is now part of my everyday life and my future. I wouldn’t say this is my job, because it isn’t, it’s part of me; a gift to channel spirits and their messages to their loved ones.”

Dimmick used Facebook and word of mouth for publicity, and feels they helped “to make this evening a great success.”

What creative events have you used to fundraise for charity?

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