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Filmmaker Premieres His Newest Project

Making movies can be difficult, time-consuming, brain-draining work, so it’s only natural that any filmmaker who’s spend months cobbling together a cinematic treasure with a team of like-minded individuals would want to celebrate when all the hard work is over. Mark Tillotson, founder of Lost Chapter Studios, did just that when he debuted his newest short film, Connection, at the Keighley Picture House in West Yorkshire on 12th September.

Lost Chapter is a new film production company comprised “of graduates and students who are trying to break into the media world.” The premiere was the company’s first official screening using a local cinema. They wanted to “promote the company but also showcase local talent that helped make the film possible.” Tillotson says they had support from local businesses to help make the film, and the premiere was sponsored by BK Technical Ltd., which allowed the production company to hire out the entire cinema for the event.

The screening raised funds for The Phoenix Special School, which caters to pupils with “a range of needs, including autistic spectrum disorder, profound and multiple learning needs, challenging behaviours and severe medical needs.” Tillotson was connected to the school through his part-time job with the local Sainsbury’s store, which is supporting the school this year. “After visiting the school we felt that the event could also help benefit the school,” he says, “so all proceeds from the ticket sales on the night went to the charity. In total we raised £125, which doesn’t sound like much, but I hope it’s a start and we can help more in the future.”

ConnectionTheir advertising efforts for the event included word of mouth, Facebook and the company’s website, and this also lead to the funding they received for the premiere. “The event was a huge success,” Tillotson notes. “Everyone I had a chance to speak to said that it was a night to remember, which was great to hear after an eight month project. For all of us the most memorable moment was the standing ovation as the lights came up. For me that was a dream come true because I have always wanted to be a director from an early age.”

Tillotson’s practical advice for event planners is to “set out exactly what it is you’re trying to achieve, because once you’ve clearly identified that, the venue, catering and entertainment can then be based around it.”

How do you raise money for your special events?

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