Event of the Week: Woodland Open Day


Venue Launches Woodland Experience for Events

Lots of studies have shown that being surrounded by nature helps people feel relaxed and connected to the world. What better time could there be for that than your wedding day or the evening of an event you’ve spent months planning to perfection?

Red Squirrel Estate Management and Treborough Woodland held their Woodland Open Day on June 16 to show off the property as a wedding, event and holiday venue. Red Squirrel was formed to manage the woodland’s campsite and venue along with volunteers from Friends of Treborough Woodland.

Tim and Liz Pearson, owners of the management company, say they have some important goals for the property and offer a lot to potential clients.

“Our main aim is the nurture and protection of the woodland and the flora and fauna who live there, “ they say. “The campsite and wedding venue creates an additional revenue stream and all profits go back into looking after the woodland.

Our weddings appeal to couples who want to create a celebration with a festival vibe, so we offer wild camping in bell tents, a yurt, a gypsy wagon and an 18 foot tipi. There are stunning views across the Bristol Channel to Wales and beautiful backdrops created by our lovely oak trees.”

Their “pioneer rustic” facilities include two cob pizza ovens, a cob cottage composting loo, an outdoor wood fired bathtub and a fire pit. They even make their own electricity from a hydro system using a waterfall in the woodland and all the water comes from a spring on the site.

Liz Pearson says they hoped to “create an event that would be fun to attend and would also get the word out there.” The occasion was loaded with entertainment suitable for families with children of all ages. Visitors could buy from craft and food stalls, watch demonstrations, listen to a storyteller, head to the pop-up café or pub, play rustic skittles games, and enjoy performances of folk songs, among many other activities. The event also showcased ideas for wedding celebrations.

They promoted the event with posters inside local business, Facebook and word of mouth mentions, and Pearson believes getting the community together was one of the best parts of the day.

“A highlight was seeing happy groups of people of all ages enjoying the activities and food despite the less than brilliant

weather. It was a great opportunity for liaising with other small local businesses as well.”

For Pearson, good promotion and having plenty of help make event planning manageable.

“Focus on advertising and getting the word out. When getting volunteers for your event include putting some people

in reserve to help on the day in case any have to pull out. As an organiser make sure you have time to talk to people and to enjoy your event without being too rushed resolving last minute issues.”


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