Event of the Week: The Creation


The Kent Chorus and Meridian Symphony Orchestra’s performance of Haydn’s “The Creation” Wows Audience

Lovers of classical music were treated to a special performance of Joseph Haydn’s The Creation, performed by the Kent Chorus and the Meridian Symphony Orchestra. The event, which took place the 8th of November at the David Salomon’s Estate in Tunbridge Wells, was a tremendous dedication to Haydn’s work.

Kent Chorus TicketAnnette Grey wrote in an email interview that the Kent Chorus’ performance was the chorus’ 17th full concert, and the 5th one held in the Salomon’s Estate’s Victorian Theatre. “There were around 80 choral singers accompanied by more than 29 orchestral players and three soloists, so the sound certainly filled the auditorium,” Grey wrote.

The choir helped with promoting the performance. “All choir members were given tickets to sell, and there were posters and flyers distributed in Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding area,” Grey wrote. “The event was also advertised on Facebook, and in the Times of Tunbridge Wells.  The majority of our audience would have come from word of mouth.”

The Chorus’ main objective is, as their site states, to “challenge and inspire you,” and it seems the Chorus lived up to their mission with their performance of The Creation. “The performance was of a high standard, and we had a good enough attendance to make it worthwhile – although such a major work is always expensive to put on,” Grey wrote. “Audience members were highly appreciative, and the choir felt that all their hard work throughout the term had paid off.  We are now awaiting a review from Stuart Fifield, who has been very complimentary about Kent Chorus in the past.”

The MVP of the night was the Chorus’ musical director, who held the group together through some tough moments before the event. “There were a couple of dramas on the morning of the concert;  the train carrying most of the orchestra down from London was stuck at Knockholt behind a broken down train, so they had to be retrieved from there,” wrote Grey.  “Our bass soloist was indisposed, so we had a last minute replacement, who fortunately was very good.   However, our Musical Director Richard Jenkinson kept admirably calm, and thanks to everyone’s efforts the concert was a success.”

For those who are helping their choir plan an event, Grey wrote that feeling confident is key, but confidence is also something that comes with practice. “hoose a wonderful piece of music, a beautiful venue, and rehearse until you feel confident enough to enjoy the experience!”

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