Event of the Week: Summer Fete


Park Hall Resource Centre’s Summer Fete Makes Residents’ Day Bright

This past August, Park Hall Resource Centre celebrated the summer and their patients with a Summer Fete. The fete, which took place the 22nd of August, featured tons of games, raffle prizes, and exotic animals.

Rebecca Burrows, the acting receptionist for the centre, wrote in a email interview that the centre is home to individuals who need extra assistance. “Park Hall is a residential home for people with dementia, learning difficulties and a respite unit. When we fund raise this is for the welfare fund, which helps to pay for Christmas and birthday presents, day trips and entertainment, among other things,” she said. “Activities like this make a big difference to the lives of the residents here at Park Hall.”

The summer fete, wrote Burrows, is held every year and normally has games such as Name the Bear, Guess the Weight of the Box, and more. “This year we were very lucky with the prizes,” she wrote. “We had all of them donated from businesses. We had paint balling tickets, a private pod on the Brighton Wheel, meet the meerkat experience from Tilgate Park.”

The fete’s invites were sent to the family members of the Park Hall residents and some word-of-mouth marketing happened as well. “Staff had posters in their cars and spread the word through word of mouth as well,” wrote Burrows. “The posters in the cars worked well as we saw some new faces.”

The event was able to not only entertain the residents and their family members, but it also raised a good amount of money for the centre as well. “The event was a success. We raised £650 for the welfare fund,” she wrote. We had a beach theme and we hired donkeys in for the day the highlight of the day was seeing the reaction on the residents. There was also lots of chatting about past times at the beach and taking their children to ride the donkeys. it is always nice to talk about memories our dementia residents still have.”

Are you already looking towards the summer when you can plan your own fete? Burrows has some tips.”Plan in advance and talk to local businesses who are normally happy to help a good cause,” she wrote.

What kind of summer events are you already planning for?

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