Event of the Week: Summer Ball


Golf Club Celebrates Summer with Day of Giving and Dancing

A midsummer bash is the kind of thing made to keep us going through the hot days ahead. When that celebration is used for more than mingling, mixing and drinking, though, it’s all the better. On 27th July, Hartford Golf Club took care of the celebrating with a black-tie summer ball in the evening. But their activities during the day were made to help others.

The club’s Captains Day Golf Competition is a decade-long tradition. This year, 40 players participated and together they helped raise almost £2,000 for Breast Cancer Care (BCC) and The NeuroMuscular Centre (NMC). Their summer ball also helped to gather donations.

Breast Cancer Care began as the Mastectomy Association in 1973, five years after founder Betty Westgate received her own breast cancer diagnosis. Westgate originally ran the association with volunteers from her home in Croydon. Funding from the National Society for Cancer Relief (Macmillan Cancer Relief) in 1981 allowed BCC to open three additional offices in Scotland, the North of England and Wales.

According to the BCC website, they “combine the personal experiences of people affected by breast cancer with clinical expertise” to bring those affected by the disease together while offering emotional and practical support. They also provide information on the disease, treatment options and the impact of breast cancer on those who’ve been diagnosed and their families.

Not content with defensive measures, BCC also takes a proactive approach. They “promote the importance of early detection,” lead training for medical professionals, community workers and health promotion staff, and “campaign for improvement in standards of support and care.”

Founded in 1990, the NMC seeks to “improve the quality of life for those with Muscular Dystrophy and other neuromuscular conditions.” Run mostly by those with the condition, the centre offers physiotherapy and a variety of support services such as counselling and benefit claims. They also provide training in digital graphic design and basic IT skills and even host a design and print service which is run by and employs mainly those with Muscular Dystrophy.

The family owned golf club has only been holding the summer ball for a few years, but it’s fast becoming a tradition members look forward to. One hundred twenty people enjoyed this summer’s festivities, which included dancing to live music from The Midnight Cats, a buffet and late bar service.

Tracy Horth, who helped organise the event, says they promoted through Facebook, posters, and word of mouth, and that getting people in the door for your event boils down to two pretty simple facts. “The quality of our posters reflected the quality of our events, so it is important to source the right promotional literature suppliers. And,” she adds, “the more info you get out there,” she says, “the more tickets you will sell!”

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