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Promoting the Arts: Music and Comedy in Sandwich

With society focusing on the business side of things these days, it is important to relax and enjoy the arts, too. Well, Old Wood Events Management works hard to do just that. The small business operates from Sandwich in Kent, but also works to promote musical concerts and comedy across the UK.

Louise Hill explained that the company helps to promote a lot of local events throughout Sandwich, most recently being a concert held on 27 April featuring Los Pacaminos and a comedy night featuring Rich Hall on 28 April, both held at the St Mary’s Arts Centre in Sandwich. Old Wood Events Management is currently helping to organise the Sandwich Folk & Ale festival which will be held the 13th-15th of July. Hill said the festival is “run as a charitable event for the local businesses and pubs around town.”


In order to promote these events, Hill said that they use a local shop in Sandwich to sell the tickets. She’s found it important to offer customers comfort and familiarity in sales venues. She also ranked distributing posters as the most effective method of advertisement, adding that they use “a 30 mile radius from the venue” to promote within. She also said that the St Mary’s Arts Centre website and the following of each of the acts as the second and third most effective advertising methods.

Hill attributes some the success of their events to the fact that they “Not to charge too much for our events to encourage people to buy tickets.” Because of this, Hill advises others who are planning events to never “Be greedy! By trying to make more profit out of each person, lots often shoot themselves in the foot. Try to keep the ticket prices reasonable and arrange percentage splits wherever possible to lower the risk.”

Professional Tickets

Hill said that she finds the best part of the events Old Wood Events Management host is the “atmosphere of the venue–St Mary’s in Sandwich is a beautiful church and makes the whole event much more substantial.” Hill said that “by having good quality, colourful tickets our events are taken quite professionally.”

She added, “People also like to have the physical article in their hand after an event so using the Eventgroove perforated tickets means we can keep count of those who bought tickets and people can take away their tickets.” By using Eventgroove, Hill said she loves that she “can design tickets that are unique to that events and match the artwork and marketing materials. Identity is everything!”

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