Event of the Week: London Garments Expo


Trade Show Brings Fashion Lovers Together

Starting on 30 August, the London Garments Expo brought fashion industry members from all over the UK to participate in the 3 day apparel trade show. Nimco Mohamed, who helped to organize the expo, explained that the trade show has “created a platform for British and international manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and designers to enter the UK apparels market. Through providing exhibition assistance, marketing and promotional support and supplying exhibitors with the right contacts, press and buyers, we assist in helping our exhibitors make a substantial impact within the market.”

By attending the 3 day event, newcomers in the fashion industry are able to rub elbows with the veterans of the business. The expo has created opportunities for fresh fashion designers to make new business connections and expose their work for all to see. The London Garments Expo used a wide range of advertisement methods in order to bring members of the fashion industry from all over. They relied heavily on the internet, using their website, Facebook, Twitter and their blog. As well as social media, Nimco also used fashion magazines and websites to bring everyone together. Nimco explained that they advertised “on Drapers and Fibre2Fashion, both in their magazine but also on their website. The trade event was also advertised on Fashionunited.co.uk ; Diarydirectory.com.”

Highlights of the 3 day event for Nimco were the “opening day Phillip Walker, Buying Director at New Look, who opened the event. He cut the first ribbon at 11am at the venue entrance and then for the Indian Pavillion and the Mauritius Pavillion.” She also enjoyed both the “daily catwalk and talks Catwalks, which were presented daily at 12am and 3pm, allowing buyers to see the garments worn,” as well, “The Evening Gala on the 30th of August, it was an evening for both exhibitors and visitors (press and buyers) to network.”

Planning such an event can be quite the experience. For Nimco, it was “exciting and intriguing due to challenges you might find all the way, despite the rigours planning.” She also said, “Planning the trade show event was fun and required a lot of hard work and seeing the show at the end was very rewarding. Be flexible is the main advice I would give someone who is planning the same type of event. You are never really prepared because changes can happen at the last minute.”

The press for the event was spread far and wide. Drapers covered the event, as well as Tropics Magazine. It was also featured by Exhibition News and Fibre2fashion. And lastly The Upcoming wrote about the expo as well.

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