Event of the Week: JBrown1971 UK Launch


Closer to My Dreams Fashion Event

Having the tickets added the level of professionalism that is essential to aiding the success of the event. Everyone liked the flyers, invitations and tickets from the design to the quality.

~Shelique Davis, JBrown1971

On 20 August, 2011, JBrown1971 hosted a UK launch of their fashion line, JBrown1971. “It is a clothing brand targeted to both male and female aged between 18 and 35, though all other ages are more than welcome. The brand specialises in casual and smart wear. The event was to launch the brand to the public for the first official time by hosting a catwalk show and networking after party,” Shelique Davis explained to me.

The launch, an over 21 affair, which required guests to dress smartly, was held at Grand Connaught. The organisers chose the Dinner Dance Event Design, which was used for flyers, invitations, and tickets. The design is full of light and features the partial image of a well-dressed woman prepared for an evening of class and style. Each piece of collateral featured room for custom text detailing the particulars of the event.

How did JBrown1971 promote its premiere launch? “For promotion I published the event on the brand website, social network sites, and via word of mouth,” Shelique told me. “Although all of the above methods were implemented, the end result was not as successful as desired… though still to a good standard for the first event.”

Even with the well-planned event, things can go awry. For instance, “the show was behind schedule, so it started late…it would have been nice to have more guests on the night, regardless of the actual success,” Shelique said. However, despite these setbacks, the show itself went really well. “The best part of the event was the actual show element. There were some amazing performances, and the models for the catwalk were great. The audience enjoyed it, and as a result many orders were put through.

What additional advise would Shelique share with other organizations planning similar events?  “I would most definitely advise that they plan well ahead and start to promote their event constantly at least two months in advance.”

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