Event of the Week: Jack and Billy Puppet Show


Coffee Shop Makes Grand Use of Small Theatre

Events meant for all-ages entertainment are a staple of community functions. But it’s not often that something as good-natured as a puppet show is the focus for such an event. On 3rd August, Simon Arnott of Chunky Monkeys Coffee LTD, held the Jack and Billy Puppet Show with the help of Clydebuilt Puppet Theatre. Charlies Theatre in Mugdock County Park hosted the show.

Arnott says he arranged the event as an “advert for the theatre so people know it’s here and available for a number of uses. The theatre and our coffee shop is set within the walls of an old zoo which closed in the 1950s, and we were looking not only to boost our coffee sales but to allow people to see a bit of history in the park.”

He also notes that ticket prices were set only to cover the cost of the act, and not for profit. “We actually sold out the shows and could easily have run more that day due to the interest from local families,” he adds.

The intimate, 50 seat space was the perfect setting for the show. “The theatre itself is owned by the local council, and we thought it was a shame not to use it more, therefore we are organising a vast array of entertainment for all ages,” Arnott states. “The performances of classic tales that many children will not have heard of was a good way of joining two generations together.”   

“The puppet show was organised as it’s something that you don’t really see much nowadays with children opting to watch movies or play computer games,” he continues.

A memorable time was had by all and Arnott says “It was great to see both kids and adults involved in the pantomime atmosphere, and having kids rave about how much they enjoyed it.”

Organisers used full page adverts in local newspapers, their website, Facebook, flyers and posters, with the last two bringing in the most ticket sales. Arnott believes “the tickets themselves were very useful, as I have always found that people want to keep a reminder of an event they have attended.”

As for practical advice on how to run events, Arnott has plenty of that. “We run events regularly now, so we have already learnt from most of our mistakes. Don’t forget that whilst social media is great for advertising, sometimes having physical advertising can work even better.  And, I always recommend using physical tickets for all events.”

What kind of children’s shows have you organised?

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