Event of the Week: Friday the 13th Wedding


No Bad Luck: Celebrating Love with Family and Friends

On a day usually met with superstition and fear, Estelle Couture and her fiancé threw their cares to the wind and made a promise to each other that will last a lifetime. The couple hosted their wedding on Friday, 13 July, and was met with nothing but celebration with family and friends. Estelle said that the big day was all about recognizing the couple’s love and to just “have a big celebration with friends and family!”

The couple used the tickets printed from Eventgroove as well as a personal webpage to spread the word to guests about their big day on www.gettingmarried.co.uk. Estelle also said that Facebook and group emails helped to keep everything organized. On her wedding day, Estelle said there were too many great moments to list, but she did say that “having all our friends and relatives around us on the dance floor was pretty special.”

Estelle advises brides-to-be, or anyone helping to plan a wedding, to “Stay calm and focus on what is important to you.” It’s important to remember that the day boils down to one thing, being happy being with your beloved, family, and friends. All the details are unimportant in comparison, so like Estelle said, remember to breathe deep and enjoy yourself.

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