Event of the Week: Fireworks & Football


The Dorking Wanderers Football Club Have Fun During Their Fireworks & Football Event

The Dorking Wanderers Football Club had an amazing day of fun and sport with the 1st of November’s Fireworks & Football event. The day, sponsored by M.P.S. Garden & Estate Machinery, included the appearance of a special guest.

Fireworks & Football event to commemorate our club achieving FA Charter Standard status,” wrote Kris Lea, Club Development Manager for the Dorking Wanderers. “The day consisted of a football match between Dorking Wanderers Legends and Essex FC (who were managed on the day by TV’s Mark Wright). After the match there was a firework display.” The event also featured many activities for kids, including ball pool, bouncy castles and much more.

The FA Charter Standard status the Dorking Wanderers has achieved is a milestone for the club, which was established in 1999. As the club’s site states, the club began to climb “the non-league pyramid from park football to the Ryman League South.” In 2007, the club moved from its Big Field Brockham location to its current location, Westhumble Community Ground, a site that was recreated into a field worthy of proper football.

Lea wrote that promotion for the event used several channels to spread awareness. Lea wrote that “Twitter local press” was used as well as “ banner across Dorking High Street and targeted email campaigns to RH postcode data.”

The event featured hundreds of event-goers and a good time was had by all. “Over 500 attended and the feedback has been very positive, especially about the fireworks,” wrote Lea, also writing that the event went “very well.” The best part of the night was the club finally receiving the charter recognition. “Receiving the FA Charter Standard award from Mark Wright was a highlight, especially as a large number of our youth section joined the picture in their Dorking Wanderers kits,” wrote Lea.

If you are creating your own football event, Lea gives some pointers, particularly about pricing your tickets. “Make the ticket pricing reasonable and market the event both on and offline to build awareness and drive footfall.” wrote Lea. For a reference for ticket prices, the Dorking Wanderers’ Fireworks and Football event had tickets priced at £10 for adults, £5 for kids under 16, and children under 3 were in for free. These are highly attractive prices for a day family-fun sporting event, and keeping your prices within this range will make your event look attractive to prospective event-goers.

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