Event of the Week: Croft Funday Committee Murder Mystery


Great Ticket Sales: It’s No Mystery!

It’s great to be able to issue proper tickets as we do a lucky number draw.  This was our ninth year and we have used Eventgroove for the last two and will continue using you.  The service and costs are excellent. I would definitely recommend you. 

 ~Jo Alston, The Croft Funday Committee

 On 6 August, the Croft Funday Committee hosted the “Murder by Intent” murder mystery event.  “Every year we put on a Murder Mystery event in the garden of one of our committee members,” Jo Alston explained to me. “All the proceeds that are raised go back into the village, this year it was given to the Royal British Legion for the remembrance day service, Croft bell ringers for new ropes, Croft cricket club for cricket balls, and Croft amateur dramatics for the production in October.” The Croft players also act out the Murder Mystery free of charge.

In a Murder Mystery Event guest participate in an investigation of a staged mystery.  Over the course of several hours, they interview witnesses and put together clues to find the culprit. This can be a fun, participatory fundraiser for groups of any size.

For this event, the Croft Funday Committee chose the Nature Series General Admission Ticket. The ticket is printed with the beautiful background image of green and yellow leaves. The ticket has space for information about the event and is professionally printed on high quality stock making it a great souvenir for attendees.

Jo explained to me that “the tickets sell themselves. We do not have to advertise.” This is a very popular event! “This year we had people attend for the first time who had been waiting for 3 years. The maximum we can accommodate is 85.” Word of mouth can be an excellent way to spread news of an event. Limiting space can also be a good way to up the ante. Competition for tickets helps to boost their sales.

How did the Murder Mystery Fundraiser turn out?  “We had a scary moment with the weather as all this takes place outside. We had a shower, but this did not spoil the night.”

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