Event of the Week: Consett81 at the Goff Oaks Village Hall


Local Bands Bring in Cash for an Important Cause

The tickets allowed us to give the event a more professional look and gave the people buying tickets something to have for their money! We also doubled them up as raffle tickets, as they were all numbered, which was fantastic.

~Dave Perry, Consett81

On 13 August, Dave Perry and his band Consett81 rocked the Goff Oaks Village Hall at Jizz Fest 2011, which Dave describes as a ” local mini music festival for a local charity and got together a few local bands.”

“The name…obviously also got people talking and got everyone in a fun and happy mood for the night. We had some great bands playing which were. MC Chromeo, Dat Dem Horse Guyz, Croatian Frenchmen, Al Palmer and the Forest, Talk Show Hosts, and Consett81.

“My band Consett81 had never played live before and a lot of the songs had been written over 15 years ago when we were at school! The set went really well and with the help of super star guitarist Jack Layzell we managed to get the crowd dancing! We also had the help from singing sensation Tony Cedrone who on the night kept the evening ticking over with his MCing.  He also brought and set up his PA system which allowed the bands to blast out their hits!”

Organizers chose the Black and White Hip Hop Event Ticket. This ticket has a contemporary urban look. It utilizes graffiti as a design element and features white text against a black background on the main portion of the ticket, with black text against a white background on the detachable stub. Each ticket is individually numbered.

“Along with your tickets, we also got made up some wristbands to give the event a bit more of a professional feel. People buying the tickets loved the idea and allowed us to sell them really quickly, which obviously meant that once the venue was paid for we could sell more and raise more cash for charity,” Dave told me.

What strategies did the organizers employ to help sell the tickets? “We never intended to sell all of the tickets that we ordered as there was a limit to the number of people that our venue could hold, so we used Facebook and word of mouth to advertise our event. Using some of the remaining tickets, we were able to sell them as raffle tickets to raise more money for the charity.”

In fact, “the most successful part of the evening was the amount of money that we were able to raise for charity the total being over £1000. Along with the sales of your tickets before the event and on the actual night, we had people selling sweets, face painting, the raffle and Karaoke Auctions which helped to raise the fantastic amount.”

All proceeds from the event went to benefit the Isabel Hospice, a charitable hospice founded in 1982. The organisation relies solely on donations in order to provide free service to “patients living with cancer and other life-limiting illnesses in eastern Hertfordshire.”

What advice does Dave have to offer for others planning a similar event?  “Plan everything beforehand no matter how small or trivial it seems at the time on the night it could make a huge difference. Work to a time chart and you will be fine!”

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