Event of the Week: Christmas Ball


Uni Housing Helps Students Celebrate the Season

Life at uni can be a big transition for even the most capable, socially adept students. It helps to be able to surround yourself with caring individuals who understand the challenges and can help you live uni life to the fullest. Salford Student Village is just that sort of place for University of Salford students. In the ongoing effort to help their residents live a balanced life, the village held their Christmas Ball on 2nd December at The Place Hotel in Manchester.

The dress-to-impress event featured a cocktail reception, three-course meal, disco, and party photographer. Organiser and v-plus manager Franziska Haas says the annual party is a good opportunity for students to “get dressed up and get together in style and in a safe environment at a reasonable price.”

Salford Student Village offers three different buildings for student accommodations. Recently refurbished John Lester and Eddie Colman Courts are both about a five minute walk away from the main university campus, while Bramall Court is a short walk from the Adelphi Campus and less than one mile from the main campus. All buildings offer free Wi-Fi, and depending on which location students choose, they can take advantage of a TV and games room with a pool table, communal kitchen, library and an onsite gym which is free for residents.

To make things as easy as possible for their residents, village rates include water, gas and electric bills, on-site maintenance staff, personal property insurance and university bus service, among other amenities. They also offer v-plus membership for a one-off payment of £30, which lets residents participate in events for free or at greatly reduced costs. These events include theme parties, BBQ feasts, cookery demos, sightseeing trips, and visits to theme parks.

The meal for the evening was befitting a special, holiday affair. Guests were treated to spiced parsnip and celeriac soup with herb oil and baked breads, roast turkey, glazed roasted root vegetables, Brussels sprouts, roast chateau potatoes served with red wine jus, wild mushroom hot pot with glazed roasted root vegetables and green beans, and a decadent dessert of melting chocolate fondant with white chocolate ice cream and strawberries.

Promotion of the ball too place over a Facebook event page, general Facebook posts, the village website, posters and leaflets. Haas believes that “advertising over Facebook and via emails works best, along with speaking to students face to face over the reception desk in each building.”

Haas says that planning events for students takes some special handling. “Students want to have a good time in a glamorous setting, yet don’t have lots of money to spend, so the package needs to be right. You need to be very organised and know how to target your audience to maximise ticket sales,” she explains. “The most difficult part is to sell tickets, as students buy theirs last minute. So, it is always hard to plan in advance, when the venue is asking for final attendance numbers two weeks prior to the event. A good relationship with the venue helps, so you have some flexibility in getting those numbers to them.”

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