Event of the Week: Charity Fundraiser


Memorial Event Funds Three Charities

The pain of losing a child never really goes away. It’s good, though, when you can turn that pain into something positive for someone else. Pat and Bob Corlett did just that on 9th November when they held a charity fundraiser in memory of their son, Michael, who died of cancer 10 years ago and would have been 18 this year.

Their event, held at the Devonshire House Hotel in Liverpool, featured a buffet, quiz, raffle and several entertainments for the evening to keep the 180 guests delighted all night. The fundraiser brought in a total of £1,553, which was split among three charitable organisations: The Children’s Cancer Support Group (CHICS), The Alder Centre, and Freshfields Animal Rescue.

CHICS, based in North Western UK, was founded in 1986 to provide support and information to the parents of children with cancer. The organization has regular meetings and social functions, as well as a library of childhood cancer information, a newsletter and a caravan in North Wales that can be rented for family respite.

The Alder Centre sprang from a partnership between bereaved parents and health care professionals at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, in 1989. Based on a belief that “there is no right or wrong way to grieve,” the centre offers a wide variety of services for families and individuals who have lost a child.

Through the centre, bereaved families can receive assistance from the bereavement care service team, counselling and The Volunteer Child Death Helpline. They also provide Alder Centre Volunteer Befrienders, bereaved parents trained to speak with other bereaved families, and therapeutic breaks run by those Befrienders.

Freshfields Animal Rescue has been taking care of homeless, abused and unwanted animals for over 30 years. Their main goal is “to provide sanctuary and relief to all animals who need it.” Every year they help rescue, rehabilitate and re-home over 1,200 animals from cats and dogs to bunnies, birds, horses and everything in between.

Pat Corlett says the friends and family in attendance were treated to an event filled with memorable moments. “We had the Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Gary Millar, there, as well as a local radio presenter from Radio Merseyside, Linda McDermott,” Corlett relays. “The entertainment, which was all donated free of charge, was fantastic. We had everything from classical and pop guitar to ball room dancers, modern dancers and singers.”

Corlett believes that planning as far in advance as possible helps those arranging events, as well as those who attend. “We planned eight months in advance,” she says, “and that helped to give people who wanted to come time to organise themselves, so some could stay over in hotels local to the event.”

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