Event of the Week: Charities Join Forces


New Organization Hosts Black Tie Event to Aid Veterans

A new organization, EChO Charity Events, held their first event to aid two charities. The ECho goal is “to bring publicity to smaller charities by coupling them with better known national/international charities, whilst raising money for a worthy cause. On top of this, we tend to hold fundraisers in aid of people who have been touched personally by a charity, for whatever reason might be personal to them. We help them give something back,” EChO organizer Naomi Spicer said.

The event was a Black Tie Evening held to raise money for the Combat Stress and Help For Heroes charities. Both charities help combat veterans and the members and families of military personnel. Spicer said they far exceeded their goal for the night, branding it a huge success for the budding organization EChO and the charities.

Creating the Personal Touch

In order to bring attention to the event and the cause, Spicer said that employees at EChO worked hard to create a personal touch. They spoke “to people directly, giving people our personal message, connecting with people,” said Spicer. They also advertised in small cafes, shops, and naval places as well as offered group discounts to people who bought more than a set amount of tickets.

Spicer ordered the Classic Black Pinstripe Event Ticket on White from Eventgroove, saying that “Eventgroove was so incredibly easy to use, with fast delivery and brilliant communications. We were really happy with the range of options and how the tickets ended up. They looked professional and served the purpose they were made for – and for a brilliant price.”

Enjoying Success

The highlight of the event for Spicer and her team came when the first band came on. “Everyone relaxed into the event, and into their dinner! And then seeing everyone dancing like mad to the band at the end,” Spicer said, adding that they were “Sitting there, looking around, and thinking, ‘we did it’.”

For a first event, Spicer was happy with the turn out and advises that anyone planning such an event to be realistic. She added, “You don’t necessarily have to go big to be successful.”

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