Event of the Week: Boadicea Dance Crew 2-Year Anniversary


Saying Thank You to Supporters: Company Hosts Huge Party to Celebrate

The Boadicea Dance Crew threw a party on 1 August to celebrate their second year together and to recognize all the people who have supported them. Sharleen, aka Red Fox, said the Launch Party was meant to “say thank you to all that supported the crew from the start. And to host a night of fun with a fire breather, pianist, singer, games and a top DJ; the night was full of fun.”

Sharleen said the event was meant to be very personal, held by the Dance Crew, but they did “raise small amounts for Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital and MacMillan Cancer research. Our purpose is to grow as an artistic company, inspire young people while remembering where we came from.” Specific companies the crew wanted to recognize were Awesome Merchandise, Gliffix, and Positive Media Promotion, who have helped the crew by donating their products.

The whole point of the night was definitely met, Sharleen said. “When it was time to leave, and the DJ didn’t want to stop, and the security was cheering us on, and the venue staff was watching us dance; this was a point where you know you hosted a great party.” You can see pictures of all the great fun everyone had on Facebook.

In order to spread the word about the event, Sharleen ordered the Classic Black Pinstripe Event Ticket from Eventgroove, as well as using social networks and the venue’s website. Sharleen does warn that “planning is always hard but fun. You have to put in the time to get great results. Make a list and have all grounds covered. Delegate as you cannot do it alone.”

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