Event of the Week: The Big Noise Chorus


Choir Hosts Fundraiser on River Boat: Jazz Cruise Sets the Mood for Fun

On 3 August, the Big Noise Chorus invited friends, family and members of the community to celebrate the end of their year, and to throw a great choir party. Carol Brace said that whole goal of the event was just, “To have fun!” They didn’t raise as much money as hoped for charity, but Carol said that “The Big Noise Chorus has raised over £30,000 for charity since founded 3 years ago, so this cruise was by way of an end of year get together for us all, and this year it was important that all who attended had a great time, which they did.”

Carol explained that the cruise involved sailing “down the Dart river in Devon with a jazz band on board, looking at the beautiful scenery down to Dartmouth, and then we danced all the way back to Totnes.” The jazz band who played was the Dart Valley Stompers, and the Riverboat had a bar on board as well. The Big Noise Chorus, and Carol advise anyone planning an event to “sell the tickets as early as you can to cover costs then you can sleep easy.”

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