Dreaming in Digital: The Key to Fundraising in a Multimedia World


The Key to Digital Fundraising for Charitable Organisations

When it comes to raising money for your charitable organisation, you’ve got some big shoes to fill. In the past, you’ve had dedicated donors you could rely on in times of great need. But, it seems that as the days go by, people are finding more and more reasons NOT to donate than ever before.

The problem has nothing to do with the importance of your charity. Your cause speaks for itself, and if it doesn’t, you’ve created (hopefully) compelling messages that help to share the story of your charitable cause.

The key to fundraising is not to come up with new ways to compel the same overly tapped pool. Rather than placing blame on the same old donors you’ve relied on for years, why not work to attract and entirely new pool of untapped, fresh donors?

Contented by Content

The key to capitalising in the digital marketplace lies in providing quality content for users to view EASILY on your website.

The ability for people to reach your website through their mobile devices has created a vast need. Namely, that need is to build mobile websites that provide quality content and are easy to read and simple to navigate, specifically on a smartphone’s small screen.

With so many people using their smartphones for internet access and other daily activities, you can’t afford NOT to give this untapped pool of potential donors a reason to donate to your charity by directing them to visit your handy mobile site on their spiffy smartphone.

Optimize your Fundraising

Search Engine Optimization is an important function of any successful website. You may have the finest website money can buy, but if people can’t locate it easily in a search, chances are it won’t be seen. The same rule should be kept in mind for mobile websites.

For example, if you decide to hold a raffle as a way to spur potential donors on to support your charitable cause, you’ll want to reference the raffle ticket information across all your digital channels.

Create a raffle ticket that includes your organisation’s logo, and give people the opportunity to buy raffle tickets online, even from your mobile website.

Creating a custom raffle ticket can be a unique way to attract a fresh group of donors. Supporters who have opted out of donating might be encouraged to do so once they see they have the chance to win a prize, and especially when they have the ability to buy a raffle ticket right from their handy phone.


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