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Event of the Week: JoKeRz EP Launch Party for “Swallow This,”

For the first time I decided I wanted to organise and take charge of a gig such as this, so getting proper tickets was vital to show people this was going to be a serious event and not just some mates kicking about… it looks a lot more professional this way.

~Kristian Eastwood, JoKeRz

In Early August, Kristian Eastwood, and his band JoKeRz, hosted an EP Launch Party for “Swallow This,” at FRUIT in Hull, England.  Kristian told me the event “was for the launch of our new double  A-side CD (a taste of our next album), but also to celebrate our six year journey so far. We had merch made, T-shirts ,badges, a box set of all previous discs and of course, the new CD.”

JoKeRz chose the Rock Concert General Admission Ticket for their event. The ticket features bright bands of color and the silhouettes of fans getting into the groove. Against this background is space for event details, and a detachable stub, so organizers can keep track of attendees.

Kristian did a lot of leg work promoting this event.  He planned ahead and thought carefully about the kind of collateral he wanted to use to get the word out. “I booked three of my favorite and popular local support acts, so the lineup was awesome. I visited the music shops in the area about five weeks before the gig, and they agreed to sell the tickets for me. I also had a poster made promoting the gig and informing people of where they could get tickets.”

Kristian also went to personal contacts who could help with event promotion. “I also have newspaper and radio contacts who did pieces on the event in the couple of weeks leading up to it. More importantly, I spent every day promoting it myself using the internet and constantly getting on peoples’ cases to spread the word and get new fresh ears to come, as well as the same old faces. This gig was gonna be massive and people didn’t wanna miss out.”

“I paid for my own door man who wore the T-shirt and plastered posters outside the venue on the night. My target was to get 100 people in the venue. I was absolutely shocked when he counted over 200 on the door.

“It was a huge success!”

What was the highlight of this event?  “The highlight of the event for me was, of course, playing, but also seeing how many people had come to enjoy the full evening and support local music.”

For anyone planning a similar event, Kristian offers this advice, “The trick is not only to get people you know to come, but to nag at them to get people they know to come and try out something new rather than doing the same things all the time. You need to put effort in to the promo.

“Try to save money, but you need to be prepared to spend a little if you want things to look good, and be excited about it. People want to think they are missing out if they don’t come.”

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