Christmas Is Just Around the Corner


Help Your Favourite Organisations by Fundraising for the Holidays

If there’s any time of year that’s capable of bringing out the best in everyone, it would be the Christmas season, which will be fully upon us in just a few days. Those of us hoping to spread the good cheer around shouldn’t be afraid to set out on a fundraising journey during the holidays to help out their favorite causes.

Whenever you decide to raise money for charity, it’s always helpful to remember that people frequently like to get a bit of something in return for their donations. Here are some ideas for holiday fundraising which will give benefactors exactly that.

1. Use the season: Christmas brings with it many merry trappings, and an easy way to get attention is to sell a variety of accouterments. Set up a Christmas tree lot that also sells pretty wreaths, mistletoe, holly, ivy and evergreen fronds. Make easy dough ornaments to embellish and hand out. Create decorative window displays for small, local businesses. Offer Christmas carol-grams for a pre-paid donation. Ask permission from your favorite local shops and organise gift wrapping stations for each.

2. Give them a sporting chance: Athletes of all stripes love to run, walk or dash for a good cause. Have participants wear holiday themed gear. Santa hats, elf costumes and the like will help make your function a joy to watch, as well as participate in. Money can be raised by asking walkers to find sponsors and through the selling of beverages, treats and souvenirs to those watching the race unfold.

3. Challenge their knowledge: Many of us love a good quiz night, so why not find a warm spot for a fun round of Christmas trivia? Charge a nominal fee for players, food and drink, and you’ll have a good bit of cash to hand over to your charity.

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Eventgroove’s fun Santa Line Up Invitation

4. Throw a party they won’t forget: Have the ultimate holiday bash and send out invitations for an ugly Christmas jumper party. They’ll bring out all the snowman, reindeer or gingerbread themed sweaters they tried to forget they owned when you offer holiday themed prizes for the best of the worst. Charge entrance for your festivities or simply pass the hat. Be sure to set up a station where guests can get more info on the non-profit you’re trying to help.

Now, get out there and fundraise. The possibilities are endless!

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