A Very Royal Occasion: The 2013 Coronation Festival


Everything You Want to Know about the 2013 Coronation Festival

In celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s coronation, the Royal Warrant Holders Association is hosting the 2013 Coronation Festival in the beautiful Gardens of Buckingham Palace. For four days, from 11 through 14 July, the Festival will promote excellence in innovation and industry through trade and craft. Perhaps the best and most unique aspect of this incredible Festival will be that the event is open to the public, which means you can join in on the celebration, too.

Truly a one-of-a-kind event, the Association will bring in over 200 companies that hold Royal Warrants of Appointment in order to celebrate the very best of UK businesses.

Those who wish to join this fabulous event will have the choice of purchasing a daytime Festival ticket for 30 pounds, or an evening gala ticket for 90. It all comes down to how you wish to celebrate this glorious occasion.

How Will You Celebrate the Queen’s Coronation?

Those who attend the Festival in the daytime will have the pleasure of perusing the sumptuous Gardens of Buckingham Palace, and they’ll also have the opportunity to browse, buy, and experience a plethora of different products and services from top-notch, featured vendors. Expect to encounter interactive and didactic exhibitions that will not only inform, but inspire.

In the evenings, majestic galas will bring you supreme nights of entertainment with celebrations of music and dance as it has evolved over the past 60 years. The galas will also be held in celebration of cultural life during her Majesty’s reign, in order to spotlight the unique identity of this incredible age we live in.

While the daytime Festival will allow you to experience exhibitions featuring 60 years of design and technology, the evening gala will include spectacular performances in the Gardens.

How to Host Your Own Celebration

Whether or not you’re able to spend the 30 (or 90) pounds to enter the Coronation Festival, you could certainly try coming up with your own, unique celebration to acknowledge the Queen’s anniversary.

Plan it in advance, and invite others who also may not be able to spare the extra pounds for the Festival. Chances are, if you all pitch in a few pounds here or there, you can really make it into a fabulous event.

And if you decide to go professional with your event, a great way to promote it would be to advertise how much cheaper your event is than the Festival itself!

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