Image Upload VIP Passes

Showcase sponsors, perks, and more with custom picture event access passes.

Offered in all sorts of styles and themes, these templates enable you to insert images as well as personalise text. Your VIP passes are custom printed on sturdy stock and come with unique numbering to enhance security.

Don’t see the perfect event pass template? Our friendly team would be delighted to create a custom design. To get started, ring 0808 1683766 or open a Live Chat.

  • Printed backstage passes measure 216mm x 94mm in size (about the length of notebook paper).
  • Feel good about ordering from Eventgroove. We back every order with a satisfaction guarantee.
  • Envision a VIP pass template you don’t see here? Just open a Live Chat to engage our design team.
  • Matching printed flyers, invitations, event tickets, and more are available.

Count on quality UK-based online printing, low prices, and excellent service from Eventgroove.

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Displaying: 1-20 of 20