Masquerade Ball VIP Passes & Templates

Bewitch special guests with special perks like complimentary champagne and valet parking. Hand A-listers custom VIP passes printed especially for your event.

Customise any of our masquerade ball-themed templates—which are designed to capture the mystery and fun of a masked gala—to your needs in minutes. Personalise text and, when an option, upload logos.

Event access passes from Eventgroove are low cost without sacrificing top quality. Plus, we back every VIP pass printing order with a satisfaction guarantee.

  • Printed on your choice of card stock, custom event passes measure 216mm x 94mm in size (about the length of notebook paper).
  • Create a cohesive visual brand for your event with matching printed event tickets, raffle tickets, posters, and more.
  • Provide the best experience to special guests with great-looking custom passes representing your function.
  • Have your passes in hand fast -- we print and process most orders within one business day.

Count on superb custom printing for the lowest price and friendly customer support from Eventgroove, formerly TicketPrintingUK.