United Kingdom Raffle and Draw Regulations

Greetings Draw and Raffle Customer!

General UK law has certain requirements for organisations operating draws and raffles. All of the requirements are detailed in the Gambling Act of 2005 on the UK Office of Public Sector Information.

Section 11

Section 11 specifically details draw and raffle requirements for societies. We strongly encourage you to understand these regulations. If you have any questions, contact the licensing officer at your local authority or The Gambling Commission.

Ticket Details

In terms of your draw ticket, the law requires the following information be printed on the tickets:

  • Organisation Name, which is organising and operating the raffle or draw.
  • Promoter's Name and Address
  • Date and Location of Draw
  • Price of each Ticket
  • Statement that the organisation is registered and licensed to run the draw in the case of ticket sales to the public.

Private or Public Draw?

A public draw is when tickets are sold to the public. Therefore, the organisation operating the draw must register and obtain a license from its local authority. New registration and licensing costs are £40.

A private draw is when tickets are only available for sale to members of a private society or club. In this case, registration and a license are not required. Please note, it is against the law to offer free tickets.