Purple and White General Admission Ticket
Purple and White General Admission Ticket

Purple and White General Admission Ticket

When you're dreaming of packed halls, the perfect ticket helps you share your vision. You can print this elegant purple and white ticket, and it's as easy as filling out the template below. Classy tickets spread the word about your concerts, plays, and other events.
  • Approximate size 50mm x 143mm
  • Perforated, detachable 48mm stub
  • Thick paper stock and high-resolution printing
  • Numbered tickets
  • Booklet stapling available
  • Most orders ship out in two days
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(4.0) 1 review
Maria N. Verified Buyer
ticket printing
the service is excellent. I have only one recurring difficulty I experience with the website interface: I design a draft ticket, then I view the pdf to check it's suitable before I order, but then it's impossible to return to the draft; it is permanently lost. This has happened several occasions when trying to order tickets including last time when I thought had logged into my own account, was working in my account and had saved the draft.
Hello Maria, Thank you for taking time to comment on your recent Song of Songs, A Concert of Choral Music event ticket order. I am sorry to hear you loose your draft. I checked to see if I could duplicate what happened. There was two things I discovered. 1. When you go to the web site but do not log into your account, (you can check out as a guest which doesn't create an account and will not keep any of your orders on file for you to go back and reorder) and you choose a template to fill out, if you are working on it then view the proof and back completely out of the web site you will loose whatever you are working on. 2. The only other thing I found was when you view the proof and the change button or simple go back it will show the back of the ticket so you have to hit the front button to see what you put on the front. I am not sure just what or how you used the web site but maybe these tips will help in the future. It is always best to make sure you are logged into your account so any work you have done will be saved to your account and you can come back even several days later and it will be there. When you are working on a order next time and the same thing happens to you, call us immediately and we might be able to see what is happening. We appreciate your business, comments and loyalty. We look forward to working with you in the future. Dolores Davis